Extraction Greytown

Commercial Honey Extraction
and New Zealand Manuka Honey Traders

New Zealand Manuka honey is some of the most highly regarded in the world, extracted from the best local beekeepers. We have access to the most incredible raw product and ensure all of our honey undergoes rigorous independent testing.

Best of New Zealand

We source our honey from the best of what the raw New Zealand landscape has on offer. With hives in the Waiararapa, Taranaki and many other remote New Zealand regions, all of the produce we deal in comes exclusively from the pure New Zealand wilderness.

What We can Do for you

We trade commercial Volumes of Manuka honey in all grades,
as well as run a top of the line extraction Facility

Buy & Sell Bulk honey

With a supply network that reaches across all of New Zealand's major commercial honey producers, a professionally secured and monitored warehouse facility, and experience dealing with large domestic and international buyers, Extraction Greytown Limited is one of the country's leading honey traders.

Extract Honey

Extraction Greytown Ltd has the most up to date and efficient honey extraction machinery currently on the NZ market. Constantly investing in equipment, people and technology, the extraction service on offer is cutting edge and perfect for commercial quantity honey producers.

What makes us unique

Our experience dealing with international trading partners and sourcing from only the best quality local suppliers, we are the most reliable dealers of high grade bulk Manuka honey in New Zealand.

New Zealand Owned and Operated Since 2013

Extraction Greytown Limited is a 100% New Zealand owned and operated business. Having been set up almost a decade ago our team of hard working and dedicated professionals know the in's and out's of the New Zealand honey business.

Leaders in Technology and People

Our facility has the best in class machinery. We constantly invest in the latest and greatest technologies and techniques. This keeps us at the forefront of quality honey production both in New Zealand and around the globe.

Farm to Table

We can tell you exactly what site each drum of honey comes from right down to the individual hive level.

We Know Our Produce

We use the the industry leaders Analytica for laboratory testing. We make sure that every single batch sees the inside of a lab and we confidently stand behind all of the produce that we trade in.